Our Vision for the Parish House

For the six Parish House residents we envision:

  • Six apartments that are appealing and inviting within a larger shared housing unit.

  • A community space that is welcoming, bright and colorful.

  • A place where residents can have the support they need to live with the greatest level of independence of which they are capable.

  • A lifelong home for residents, if they wish it to be.

  • A place where people living in the apartments live interdependent lives with each other and with staff.

  • A place where people are nudged and encouraged to try new things and expand their horizons.

  • A place where people are respected as individuals, first and foremost.

  • A place where residents and staff are encouraged to discover their strengths and gifts, and to contribute to the community.

  • A place where shared responsibility creates real and enduring inclusion.

  • A place where there’s nourishing food and colorful artwork.

  • A place where residents feel there is always someone to talk to, to eat with, and to look out for them, if they desire or need it.

  • A place where cleanliness is expected, and basic living skills are taught through the act of living.

For the Staff we envision:

  • A place where staff have a sense of humor, and are capable and experienced in their dealings with people with special needs.

  • A place where staff are paid a living wage and feel that they can afford to stay for a long period of time, if they so choose.

  • A place where staff will enjoy working, and feel that their work is valuable and valued.

  • A place where staff help foster community connections for the residents, and initiate programs and activities to help the residents maintain physical and emotional fitness.

For the Community we envision:

  • A place where community artists, musicians and others offer opportunities to learn and play and create.

  • A place where community members with special needs can come to participate in certain activities or to share occasional meals.

  • A place where family members and friends feel comfortable visiting, and can share occasional meals.

  • A developing awareness that residential services for post-school-age adults with special needs must be created as an essential part of a healthy community’s housing plan.

For the Board we envision:

  • An opportunity to create a model of inspired housing for people with special needs from the broader MDI community that can be replicated in other towns.

  • A sense of providing a valuable service to the residents, staff, and community.

  • A commitment to ensure the long term viability of the Parish House.

  • An opportunity to grow in knowledge, skills and compassion through the development of the Parish House and interactions with the residents and staff.