The Heron Model

Volunteers of America Northern New England developed a remarkable philosophy of care for The Parish House that they call The Heron Model. Since ancient times herons have symbolized prosperity, patience, perseverance, strength, and longevity. This seems a fitting symbol for the Parish House. In addition, the word Heron is used as an acronym for the elements of this philosophy.

H = Health and wellness. Part of the daily goal of staff at the Parish House is to improve the health and wellness of all residents.

E = Engagement. Staff will help foster engagement for residents both within the Parish House community and with the broader community.

R = Retention. Volunteers of American is committed to creating a stable, supportive environment in which the residents thrive and are happy to live, and where staff love to work.

O = Orientation and Adaptation. This refers to helping individuals orient and adapt to the changes in their lives as they age.

N = Nurturing. Staff are committed to creating a nurturing environment and to nurturing the growth of each individual resident throughout their lifespan.

“We believe everyone needs a forever home, a place where they can feel safe, valued and respected.”
(June Koegel, COO, Volunteers of America; Former President & CEO, Volunteers of America Northern New England)